Find Yourself A Revolution Buddy

It’s raining today in Oakland.  I’m feeling a bit under the weather if you know what I mean…

SO, I’m not out talking up the non-violent revolt against the rich today.  This is pretty much the first day since I got the parade permit for the demonstration on March 15th in the financial district of San Francisco.

Instead I’m inside my room, talking it up on-line – which is something that I would encourage you:  Dear Reader, to do the same.  The only way this revolution works is if we all concede that the amount of inequality in our world is unacceptable – and agree to collectively make some changes to our culture.  But it starts with YOU.

I’m already there, so I’m simply trying to empower you with the same transformative ideas that I’ve had.  So that’s my 30 years of peaceful worldview that I’d like to give you for free.  If you dig any of it – by all means pass the ideas on.  It’s high time the moral stuff caught on in our culture.

So, as you share the ideas with a friend – think of this person as your first revolution buddy – be sure to make sure that they understand the ideas about a “no ownership civilization.”  This is simply a possible future civilization that does not allow any possible concepts of ownership.  Nothing can be “yours” except for your body and your private mind.  We learned this in kindergarten:  Sharing Is Caring.

The second concept that you might pass on to your revolution buddy is a “money-less civilization.”  This is simply a possible future civilization that refuses to acknowledge the concept of money or fiat currency of any kind.  This civilization values truth and trust in community over symbols and ideologies of any kind.  Then the “economy” and “currency” of this possible future civilization would be the economy of trust based on a currency of language.

The third thing that you should pass onto your new revolution buddy is the March 15th non-violent demonstration of people power in the financial district.  This is a time to put your morals and good judgment to great use!

Are you ready to revolt?  If you need more reasons – simply consider it an improvement for next generations of humans.


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