The Beauty Of Hyper-Inflation

You know how money works by now don’t you?

It’s created out of thin air by the Fed.  That’s the Federal Reserve Bank.  The Central Bank.  World Bank and IMF.  Don’t all those words illicit a similar image for you?  It’s the image of strength and dominance.  But I’m here to tell, the bank don’t have no power over me.

So the Fed creates money out of thin air and distributes it into the the country (the system) via the banks.  Wells Fargo, Bank Of America, JP Morgan, Chase, Citi-bank, I bet there’s more…

Then we The People look at this money and decide to put it right back into the bank almost sub-consciously.  Our deposited money then begins to grow in interest, but at the same time we have outstanding debts with cars, colleges, houses, and failed previous capitalist endeavors!

In our not too distant history our money was connected to the amount of gold that we had stored up in Fort Knox and who knows where else.  Those were the days of the “gold standard.”  Our money was backed by gold.  Eventually oil came along and people started calling it “black gold” so everyone decided that thats where the value of the dollar should go.

No one asked me about this decision.  The previous culture just did it implicitly.

The money is still connected to the oil, which now has been sufficiently depleted.  And our oil depletion is driving the global economy (controlled by USA) into a tailspin due to hyper-inflation.  As the oil becomes more expensive to drill and process, the value of the American dollar goes down.  This is what happens with hyper-inflation.  Are you familiar with hyper-inflation?  Because we’re currently living through it or we will be even more in the near future.  Hyper-inflation is the devaluation of money.  As the debt increases, the money’s value lessens (or is that “lessons”?).  It’s as simple as a teeter-totter.  We currently have way too much debt and no one can afford to buy anything, and The Man has way too much money – we need to balance.  The only meaningful balancing act that we can perform is the redistribution of the wealth by the eradication of global debt.  We can demand this with a non-violent revolt against the rich. Then we could have a big ceremony or something.  And then at the ceremony all of us could collectively burn our money.

Hyper-inflation motivates the Revolt Against The Rich!

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