A Real Financial Revolution

Our system today is broken.  The word on the street is that everyone thinks the system is ALL bullshit.  Can this possibly be true?  This is our system as we know it!  Surely it can’t be broken.  Aren’t The People required to have faith in the system?    Yes.  But what if the implied trust between us (of which the system requires) has been broken?

We are an interconnected web of human activity and our daily actions and interactions are being poisoned by the money in our system.  The money is poisoning our moral impulses and driving a wedge between us.  Capitalists see the whole of the population as objects to profit from.  The system requires the trust between all of us to function properly, but I’m sorry to report that the money has a way of consistently breaking that oh so necessary trust.

As it stands today – economists (those priests of money) talk about how certain products on the market will revolutionize the financial industry.  Or  this:  It will revolutionize our finances!  Better yet, this new system of financialism is revolutionary.

I have discovered a better way than the financial system.  The way of which I’m arguing for will restore our trust within the system that connects us.  It is the way of equality.  And quite literal Freedom.  How can this happen?  We can make it happen with a non-violent revolution.  Our debt must be wiped clean.

Bishop Desmond Tutu has a book of African Prayers that I recently discovered.  I quote from one of the Pygmy Prayers:

In the beginning was God.

Today Is God

Tomorrow will be God

Who can make an image of God?

God has no body.

God is the word which comes out of your mouth.

This prayer put such an emphasis on the spoken word.  In fact it deifies it.  Does this take the value of words too far?  Quite possibly.  But we all trust the system so implicitly, we can think of the interconnected web of human activity as a precious manifestation of God.  If this can be determined true at any level, then surely one has to consider the fact that the moral corruption that money fosters throughout our system is poisoning God.

This is a Real Financial Revolution.  Progressively minded and open-minded individuals already know this to be true.  Once your own revelation occurs you will see just how disgusting and condemnable our system is today.

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