We Must Stop Talking About Economics: Start Talking About Money.

Corporate capitalists have a saying that they love to repeat:  Maximize Profits.  If they didn’t maximize profits today, they probably have a tough time sleeping tonight!

This shows how blatantly obvious it is that money is destroying our system.  We are so preoccupied as a culture with getting, saving, and spending money that we don’t have much more to talk about.  And then when we’re done talking about it all day, we have a tough time falling asleep at night because we’re thinking and or worrying about it.  We’re constantly talking business with our business partners.  And we’re constantly talking about our debt and lack of finances at home.  And then to make matters worse, we have to go into stores to pay more money for resources.  Consider this:   All resources should be free.  The only cost is your word of “Thank You.”  That is true trust.

If we actually stopped ourselves from talking about money, that would be a great thing.  We would be free to talk about more beneficial things like: Saving Our Planet From Destruction.  As it stands today, the system is too busy competing with each other to function collectively.  If we all started working together (true trust), we might really have a chance of reversing global warming, creating sustainable and abundant civilizations, and only work when we felt inspired to!  Odds are good that inspiration would soar.

Imagine what such a civilization might achieve!  We could insure that there would be adequate shelter and resources for the world.  Free health care.  Free energy.  We could begin to cultivate permaculture farms that would be bring back our much needed bio-diversity.  But we’re still too busy competing amongst one another.  My friend Jonathan Mann has written a song called, “I Don’t Wanna Compete No More.”  It rings true.  Competition is simply the first step to conflict and conflict is the first step to war.  If we all began to trust one another and work towards fixing our system we just might be able to avert this “economic” crisis.  Surely it is not so much an economic crisis, as it is a crisis of conscience.

If we can stop talking about money and economics and truly look at the problems we’re trying to address beyond the money – we will see real human beings, our own brothers and sisters.  How can we attach a price tag to that human life?  I personally refuse to.  This is why I must revolt.  A true revolution is one in which the dignity of a human person is lifted highest.  There is no hierarchy or ideology.  There is only a peaceful human unity working together for once in all of history.

Imagine if we stopped all war and consumption.  It is a world where violence is abhorred and injustice is intolerable.  It is a world where all humans are allowed to work at what they want and know that their needs will be met by their surrounding community.

It’s the same world that a lot of us already want.  So why not seize the day?

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