Have you heard about what’s going on in Wisconsin yet?  They’re keeping it non-violent!  My soon-to-be-ex-wife lives in Madison and works for the government there.  This is what she had to say in defense of the their revolt against the so-called tea party dictator of Wisconsin, Scott Walker:

government introduced a “budget repair bill” that doubles how much we have to pay toward healthcare and forces us to pay 6% of our income to our pensions..AND eliminates almost all public employee collective bargaining rights AND turns 35 high-level state jobs that use to be hired normally into political appointments AND strips the legislatures power to make decisions about eligibility, policy, and process for all DHS services and medicaid and medicare and hands them to one of those politically appointed positions AND states that we will all be subject to “risk assessment” for our healthcare meaning that we can get denied or booted off for ill health…yep, it affects me pretty strongly.

She is one Wisconsin justified in revolting.  Before I moved to the bay area, she suggested that I move to Madison, claiming that it was the “San Francisco of the Mid-West.”  I believed that to be a true statement back then – but I guess I just wanted the real San Francisco!  But I’m happy that the good people in Madison are standing up for themselves.

Bay Area!:  I hope that you’re looking forward to your chance to do the same on March 15th in the financial district of San Francisco!  Start telling your revolution buddy.

Anyway, I would like to offer my support to any Wisconsinites that are fed-up with the status quo.  Can I be of help at all?

It should be noted that Gov. Walker R-WI is at the mercy of his financiers – the Koch brothers.  http://www.commondreams.org/video/2011/02/18

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