Beyond Ego

Hey America:  Get over your ego.

It’s true that I’ve let my ego go a few times. I’ve also been told that that’s a healthy thing to do every once in awhile.  This may be true for you as well.

But I’ve had enough of this mentality in America that says “We’re the best.”  American Humility should be a new way forward.

I’ve taken it upon myself to do some serious deconstruction of our societies, relationships, institutions, and language – paying particular attention to how patriarchy and hierarchy have constructed much of how we conceptualize power dynamics within said societies, relationships, institutions and languages.

The conclusion that I’ve reached is that an individual who presupposes their own ego as”better” or “greater” than their neighbors’ is inherently predisposed to supporting divisions within our system.  This fostering of “Us Vs Them” mentality runs rampant in so-called secret societies, fraternities, and any exclusive ideology.

These divisions are old and getting us no where fast.

I can only speak from my personal experience when I tell you that ignoring your ego and seeking a little humility in life is a wonderful and valuable thing.  The more we can sense that our ego is in reality connected to that of our collective consciousness – the more that we see no continued need for divisions to exist.

Please don’t misunderstand me and think that I’m calling you to a life of asceticism or deprivation.  However, these two practices provide great penance for cleansing oneself from the stench of consumerism.

Your ego is in fact a projection of your true self – so by all means project it into the world and the web and our consciousness.  Speak what you feel and be confident in the truth of your words.

But don’t let your ego go unchecked.

I check my ego with my conscience.  So when you begin checking your ego – you are also entering the realm of morality and ethics.  This is a major part of a non-violent revolt against the rich.  To evolve morally.  It is a simple practice that you can begin today.

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