3rd Open Letter To President Obama

Dear President Obama,

I know that you are an attentive, aware and intelligent man.  I can only hope that the demonstrations in Wisconsin are proving to you just how fed-up people are with the status quo.  Of course, the revolutions in Africa and the Middle East are proof as well.  I’m reminded of a quote by Frederich Nietzsche, I’ll paraphrase – There is no such thing as morality; only mimicry.

If Nietzsche was right (and I believe he was) then the world is truly changing right before our eyes and more and more countries will begin to see that democracy within a global financial system is a sham.  It’s a rigged game and the only way to play it is with money.  This leaves out a whole population of hard working, honest people.  The people are justly demanding change.

Democracy equals One Voice – One Vote.  It’s a truly egalitarian system, but unfortunately it is still an ideal that we all aspire to.  Certainly the votes in our current “democracy” are bought and paid for by those that can afford them.

Mr. President, you ran your election campaign on the rhetoric of hope and change.  I’m pleading with you to make your rhetoric true.  Americans are despairing on the streets and being systematically kicked out of their homes.  We have a greater level of inequality here than in Egypt.  How much longer can you expect people to rationalize the poverty and environmental destruction?

A tipping point is coming – and I urge you to take a strong stand for equality.  You can make financial equality a reality by immediately eradicating global debt.  Give everyone a fresh start and allow us to be able to afford the resources we need to build truly sustainable communities.  Not economically sustainable, but instead environmentally sustainable.  There is a big difference.


pete feltman

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