The Given

I realize that the term “revolution” is thrown around rather loosely these days.  Everyone likes a good revolution every once in a while.  Keeps us on our toes.  Of course the typical revolution we hear about is often economic or technical by definition.  When was the last time we had a real collective revolution of human behavior?

Never?  We have been trapped in this cycle of consumption since the very invention of “wealth creation.”

When will we realize that the pursuit of wealth, riches, power, vanity, and thus, implicitly, respect, is poisoning the very planet that we call our home?

Climate change becomes a tremendous reality for more and more people every day.  If you still have you doubts about its veracity, validity and all round truth then please investigate for yourself:

Here is the given:  There is scientific consensus (99.999%) that all life systems on earth are currently in decline as a direct result of pollution, deforestation, mining, and global warming.  Humanity is at fault for this.  We have to clean up our earth, and restore a sense of harmony now, before it’s too late.  Meanwhile our population continues to grow at an exponential rate.  Each new baby is being brainwashed by advertising to become another consumer.  I know this sounds like a doomsday warning – that’s because it is.  If it’s not already too late for my generation, then it certainly will be for our next generation if we continue our exponential birth rate while simultaneously consuming our resources at our current unsustainable rate.  What we need is a collective shock to our interconnected web of human activity (the system).

What we need is a revolution!

Hopefully you realize that this revolution begins with you and your conscious decision to begin consuming less and sharing more.  As soon as you’ve determined what you REALLY NEED to survive, then you can help other people understand it as well.  These other people will most likely be your current community.  If we can encourage each other to change our severe consumption habits then we will be well on our way to seeing just how much it is that we don’t need money.  And hopefully you already realize that the pursuit of money itself is a complete waste of time and resources.  The pursuit of renewable, abundant energy should be our goal!

But how can we get this sustainable and abundant energy if everyone keeps consuming all the resources needed to manufacture the technology to allow us to harness and distribute this energy?

We can’t.  Which is precisely why we need to revolt against the rich.  And more specifically revolt against the rich mentality that encourages our baser human attributes:  Greed and selfishness.

This revolution that I’m proposing is more of a moral evolution.

It’s time that we grow up and put the petty pursuit of money behind us.  If we don’t, then we’re only embarrassing ourselves as we collectively put each other out of our misery.

Of course it doesn’t need to be that way.  We can non-violently change our habits and begin building trust within our communities.  Soon we’ll realize how much it was that money got in the way of true, meaningful human relationship.  If you think this sounds like Utopia – what the fuck is wrong with Utopia!?  Especially if we can make it a reality together in one fell swoop!

For me, it was as simple as a change of mind.

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