March 15th, 2011. Financial District of San Francisco, 4pm.

We are now two weeks away from this country’s very first non-violent revolt against the rich.  If you live in the bay area and hold the shared values of equality, freedom, compassion and sustainable living then I hope that you’ll come out on Tuesday and take a stand against this country’s status quo.

Since we are just a couple weeks away, I’ll be changing up this blog a little to help us all prepare for the first revolt.

First of all – let me remind you that the 15th event is the first non-violent revolt.  The next one will be on April 15th (tax day) and we will hold one event every month following until we have some real change in this world of ours.

In preparation for the 15th I would encourage you to help me visualize a massive, non-violent event.  Visualize a joyous and peaceful evening as a celebration of life and the power of true democracy.  Visualize our country’s destructive power structures as being rendered impotent and meaningless.

When we all begin visualizing and working towards a life in this direction, then we will begin to see the world become what we’ve always wanted it to be:  Peaceful.

This revolution is contingent on the principle of “strength in numbers.”  Because of this, I hope that you have already found yourself a revolution buddy.  Your revolution buddy should be someone you already know and trust and definitely someone you think shares the similar values of equality, freedom, compassion and sustainable living.

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