Ten Days Away

We are ten days from the March 15th event in the financial district (4pm) of San Francisco.  I hope you’ve found your revolution buddy by now.  If you’re having trouble finding a revolution buddy, then remind them of the fact that our first goal is the eradication of global debt.

One of my revolution buddies reminded me of the book/movie Fight Club the other day.  I was reminded that the moral of that story was the destruction of the credit card company buildings.  Of course it’s not a new idea – it goes all the way back to biblical times with the concept of Jubilee.

Are you familiar with Jubilee?  It comes to me from the ancient Israelite tradition and the book of Leviticus.  Jubilee was a levitical (priestly) law requiring all debts to be forgiven every 49 years.  Then, during the 50th year the fields would lay fallow and their nutrients would rebuild.  The people would live off of stored food for one year, and then they would return to their normal lives after the year cycled through.

If you believe, like I do, that debt is tool of slavery used by those with the power to wield it – then it is time for us to be free of it.  If all debt possessing Americans stood up and demanded the eradication of global debt, we could make it happen.  If the politicians of this country truly believe in the values of democracy then they will be compelled to participate in this revolution as well.

In a time such as this, when the economy is in the shitter and millions of Americans are jobless and more and more keep losing their homes, the only thing to do is to revolt against the very idea of money itself.  This is real financial revolution.


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