Eight Great Days

I don’t know if you’re onboard with this revolution yet.  But I’m excited all the same.  The days are inching closer and I feel a surge of life every time I consider the possibility of a massive peaceful protest.  And I hope you’re willing to actualize that possibility with me.

As a reminder to you, dear reader, the two most significant reasons I have for starting this non-violent revolution:  the twin global realities of climate change and peak oil.  Humans are a lot like lemmings in that they will go willingly to their destruction as long as everyone else is doing it too.  So the opposite can be true as well.  If we do a massive course correction in the form of a revolution, then we can essentially dodge the cliff that we are all marching straight towards – at present.

Climate change and peak oil.

They still kind of blow my mind.  But I defy any one to refute the science, math and logic necessary to understand both climate change and peak oil.  And if you’re perfectly happy to disagree with me about the necessity of revolution, then perhaps this guy might persuade you:  http://fora.tv/2009/01/16/Saul_Griffith_Climate_Change_Recalculated

The people of the world appear to have had enough with the current power structures as they are shifting radically in the middle east, and also in Wisconsin, and also anywhere that you’re reading this and agreeing with me!

I recently got an email with a nifty flyer.  There is apparently a “general strike” in the works for ALL WORKERS of the WORLD.  Here’s the flyer:

Click it!

General Strike

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