Nine Days To Go

Are you ready to peacefully revolt?  We have nine days before you get a chance to come exercise your democratic voice in disgust at the status quo of our country.

If you believe, like I do, that America’s values are fundamentally distorted and are harmful to a lifestyle with any semblance of sanity – then it is time to revolt.

It’s true that this revolt is the craziest thing that I’ve ever done in my life.  I’ll be the first to admit that.  But I have confidence that I’m not the only one that sees the absolute necessity of a peaceful revolution at this point in time.

The world is in a rebellious era as I write.  It’s been going on since before I was even born.  I’m also the first to admit that none of the ideas that I espouse on this blog are original.  There is nothing new.  It has all been done before.  It has all been said before.  And it has all been sung before.

But is that any reason not to repeat the good stuff?  History is filled with moments when the masses stood up and made some demands to their current power structures.  By revolting against the rich, we are continuing a healthy tradition of civil disobedience in the face of destructive power systems.

By joining your voice in a defiant “NO” to the status quo, you are reclaiming some of the power that was stolen from you.  What power is this?  you may ask… It was the power that forced you into a job you are unhappy with.  It is the power that was stolen from you the minute you gave up your dream.  It is the power stolen from your financial freedom when you began incurring debt.  Perhaps you already feel that your freedom was taken from you without you even knowing it.

Now is your chance to take it back.  By participating in this revolt you have stake (and stock) in the revolution.  Your participation is in fact a requirement for the revolution to be successful.  Hopefully you see that it is all of our participation that makes the revolution a reality.

Let me assure you that I’m not looking to be your leader.  I’m about as “libertarian” as they come, and have no interest in telling you what to do with your life.  Of course, I am hoping that you’ll take my suggestion of revolution seriously and not dismiss it automatically – particularly if you feel that you don’t understand it at this point.

If anything about the revolution is misunderstood by you, dear reader, then by all means leave a comment and ask a question!  I may not have the answer but I’ll at least have an opinion.  Just as you will.  So express your opinion!  I’d love to know your perspective.  If you’ve been reading this blog of mine for any amount of time then you’ll probably see that I’ve put all of my cards on the table.  I’m not keeping anything to my chest here – I’m an open book and my behavior is part of the revolution.

If we want to restore some real values to America – then we have to start acting like our relationships to one another and to our environment really, truly matter.  For most of us – they already do.  I hope the rest of you will come around.

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