Five: To Be Alive

I’ve tried to not be negative with this blog and the revolution as a whole.  Negativity seems far to easy.  But today’s entry will take a more pessimistic view of our possible shared future reality.

There are some very serious issues confronting us.  As the revolutions continue in the middle East and Africa, the oil of which our economy is built upon becomes increasingly unstable.  Have you looked at the price of gas lately?  It has steadily increased for the last seventeen days.  As national confidence in the oil supply diminishes, so too will the possibility of Americans getting cheap (or affordable) groceries.  The more the oil costs, the more the food will cost – until at some point it all becomes completely unaffordable.  At this point, food riots will occur.  They would likely become violent.

What’s more are the possible consequences of climate change.  I live in an area of Oakland that is very close to the water of the bay.  As the world warms and the ice melts and the ocean levels rise – there is a real possibility of me becoming a climate refugee.  I am, of course, not the only one.  Some estimates put the number of people that will be forced from their current habitats in the billions.  Consider this article which is already six years old which already puts the number of people in the millions:

A peaceful revolution prevents this situations from happening.  If we were to all stand up today and demand that the people of the world move onto a completely sustainable energy grid, then we would be making significant strides towards keeping the level of CO2 in our atmosphere at a manageable level.  I’m on board with the “350 parts per million” goal.  Learn more here:

So – a peaceful revolt against the rich will hopefully insure the continued existence of the human species.  It’s a revolt to stay alive!

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday in the Christian tradition.  The day is a reminder that we are dust and ash in the long scheme of things.  I personally believe that we are little bit more than dust and ash – that we are also energy and star-stuff.

On the topic of staying alive – a number of my friends and loved ones have voiced their concern to me about my passion for this non-violent revolution.  They rightly raise the point that the non-violent leaders always end up being violently killed.  There is indeed a rich tradition of the masses executing the voices that speak peacefully against oppressive power structures.

In our recent history we have figures like Gandhi, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, John and Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr, and John Lennon.  I’m sure you can come up with more.

This possibility of being a target of hatred and oppression is a risk that I’m willing to take.  HOWEVER!:  If we truly take my claim for a moral evolution seriously, then the consequences of it would be the total cessation of violence.  Globally.  I’m talking literal world peace becoming a reality thanks to our own innate moral sense.

So if a moral evolution is happening, then there need not be any reason to kill off another peaceful leader.  Only time will tell.

It’s all pretty heavy stuff.  But it makes me feel alive.  It also makes me turn to comedy for a little reprieve.  So here’s a bit of joy for you from a man who knew the true cost of freedom.

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