Six: For Kicks

Do you ever get bored with life?  Does it ever just feel like it’s all the same shit on a different day?  Philosophers might call this state of being “existential angst.”

I can only speak personally when I say that life has had its boring moments.  But on the other hand, I had a teacher that said that an inattentive mind will find everything boring.  And on yet another hand, a generation of people have been told that they have attention deficit disorder which would indicate that the attentiveness of their minds is beyond their control.  I believe this to be patently false in a great many cases of youth today.

So, a peaceful revolution is a way to add a little fun to your life.  Get your kicks during the revolt on the 15th!  This will be a time for joyful celebration of life, and also allow us the opportunity to blow off a bunch of steam about the inequality in our country.  

I had my own fun time today with Special Events Sgt Phil Pera of the SFPD this morning.  We established the parade route around the financial district and agreed on the basic ground rules – no arrests. 

So, if you were worried about revolting and getting busted – worry not.  If you’ve been keeping track of the goings on in Wisconsin, then you know that the law enforcement agents there have been fully supportive of the demonstrators.  I’ve even been told that the cops have been handing out bratwursts and water to the protesters.  It’s a lovely show of solidarity. 

As a continued reminder:  March 15th at 4pm in the financial district.  I will be there early and set up at the intersection of Montgomery and Post.  Please wear green if you have it.  If you are a musician, please bring an instrument to make a joyful noise with.  Otherwise, bring your bullhorns, noise makers, drums, and signs.  I’m planning on putting up some sign ideas on the blog tomorrow. 

Here is the ad that appeared in today’s SF Weekly.

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