Four: Just Say “No More!”

My apologies for not getting this blog up yesterday.  My day got crazy fast after the tsunami stuff.

I hope that you’ll take a second to help take care of the devastation in Japan.  Here is a trustworthy organization that will put your money to good use:

Earthquakes and tsunamis aside for the moment – This non-violent revolt against the rich is based on the belief that our interconnected web of human activity, “the system” is broken and dysfunctional.

The status quo has got to go.

Stenographing my friend Heather today, she said: “In our current value system the status quo is all fucked up.  Too many people simply ignore every day suffering.  There is a profound sense of distrust amongst us at the levels of inequality in our culture.”

Not only is the inequality amongst us too much, but our values are wholly misplaced.  It is time that we spoke a defiant “no more!” to these current values of our culture.  By revolting we are moving towards a redefinition of values.  My personal values are those of equality, freedom, compassion, and sustainable modes of living.  This is a manageable list for me right now, but I’m completely open to your suggestions for values to become our new cultural norms.

This Tuesday is, of course, our first revolt.  Your attendance in the financial district at 4pm is an opportunity for you to voice your frustrations, complaints, and concerns about our current system.   It is my hope that it can also be a time for us to celebrate life and relationships.  Keep in mind that your attendance is also an indication of your stake-holdings in the revolution.  Your voice is equal to mine – and I hope that you’ll exercise it with as much vigor as you can.

Though, if you don’t want to be a shouter or singer, then hopefully you will be a sign carrier.

Be creative with your sign making!

Here are a few suggestions for signs for your editing privilege:

Free Markets Don’t Allow For Much Freedom

Compost Corporate America

Real Revolution Now

The Love of Money is the Root of all Evil

Remove Money From Politics

Fire Tim Geithner

Sustainability Will Save Us – Money Won’t

We Are In Solidarity With Wisconsin, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, and Libya

Workers Of The World:  Unite!

Capitalism?  More Like Crapitalism

Eat The Rich!

We Don’t Want Your Stinking Money

Visualize World Peace

Bring Back Our Democracy – One Voice, One Vote.

Silence The Violence

Power to the Peaceful People

We Revolt Because We Care

I’m sure you can come up with some better ones on your own!

Please remember to wear green for the demonstration.

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