Three: To Be Free!

Debt is a tool of slavery.  It limits the potential of a human being.  Anyone constrained by their financial obligations of debt is relegated to being a drone in our society.  They work hard to pay off their debt, thus making sacrifices of the stuff that they really want to do with their lives.  This cannot be called freedom.

So with a successful revolt against the rich, we can eradicate global debt.  That includes every country’s debt.  That includes your personal debt.  Your mortgage, college loans, car loans, business loans, and credit card debt will be erased.

No doubt this goal is large.  But it is not impossible.  If enough of us believe in it then we can make it a reality.  It simply requires our dedicated action for a certain amount of time to cultivate new and helpful habits in our communities on a micro and macro level.

I’ve been describing my hopes about this revolution to people using the image of band-aid.  It is my preference to rip the band-aid from my skin quickly rather than slowly tugging at it.

The metaphor then being:  If the inequality and violence in our world is the band-aid, then the revolution is the swift action of tearing it from our skin.  It will hurt like a bitch for a little while – but soon we’ll forget it even happened.

So after the band-aid of inequality has been ripped from the crust of our earth and psyche of souls, then we will be allowed to move into a place of real freedom.  It is quite literally a “free kingdom” in which money does not exist thus making all goods, services, ambitions, goals, desires, and hopes occur in our system with the price of FREE attached to them.

By removing money, and thus debt, from our system we will be able to stop fretting needlessly about an economic crisis and begin to collectively focus on our environmental crisis.

The resources of the world would be free, so we would be able to cooperatively compete for the best (most efficient) designs of wind turbines, solar panels, wave-tidal capture, geo-thermal, and algae-biomass systems.

Our technology is progressing at an alarming rate and we should capitalize on this progress by exploiting it to help us cope with the future realities of climate change and consequences of oil depletion.

Once our civilization is rebuilt in a completely sustainable, durable, and renewable way – then we will be well on our way to achieving something that humanity has never experienced before:  Global abundance.

You can start to help us meet that goal today by learning as much as you can about organic, non-pesticide/herbicide food production.  Permaculture is the way of the future.  Our cities will merge with nature and we will slowly realize our true connection to the earth.  Sharing will be caring in this permaculture.

And everything will be free.  So nothing can be stolen.  There will be no concepts of ownership or property.

I’m sure you remember Janis:

Another reminder about revolution buddies:  Find one!  Tell them to wear green and to be peaceful, but angry – it’s time for a little progressive righteous indignation.  This is a revolt that depends on strength in numbers.  We Californians can be a non-violent example to the world!  But Wisconsin has already beaten us to the punch!

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