Two: For Me And You

We are in this together.  There is no denying that the human species has a shared common experience during their individual life times.  It is true that we are created to be unique and different, but we also have profound similarities amongst us.  Skin colors, facial structures, and body structures are all valuable gifts of diversity, and we must understand our differences to be the foundation of our unity.

Unfortunately our current system is rife with divisions.  Every military strategist knows that in order to win the war you need to divide and conquer.  This has to do with winning the hearts and minds of the population.  As the war progresses, more and more people become divided against one another.  This has happened in America.  The right and the left, the liberals and the conservatives, the rich and the poor, the red states and blue states:  All of these are divisions within and amongst us and they are wrenching our country in half.

I would ask you to consider the following statement:  All ideologies divide.  Unless the ideology is based on a foundation of unity, equality, dignity and love – then said ideology is damned to divide us.

We must begin looking past the labels that have been imposed on us.  I had a friend that always used to say, “Labels are for soup cans.”

We have had a mentality of “us versus them” since the beginning of this country.  If we are to move forward as a species, we must adopt a “me with you” mentality.

For those people out there that already know the meaning of intentional community, then you know how great it is.  For those of you that are isolated from community for some reason or another, I would urge you to come out and play with us.

I can speak personally when I say that life is fun in community.  I’m actually a bit more of an introvert than most people.  On the Myers-Briggs personality scale I am an INTP.  That’s Introverted, Intuitive, Thinker, Perceiver.  I’m told that this is a very common personality type for musicians and artists.  But even as a cliched sensitive artist, I still find more joy among my friends and loved ones than I do alone.  And I love to be alone!

For as great as communities are, they are subject to some very dangerous pitfalls, being:  Dogmas, ideologies,  hierarchies, and oppressive rules and laws.  All of these systems are constructed to assign power to a few or fewer individuals.  We’ve typically called them kings, priests, popes, presidents, and dictators.  It is obvious that inequality will exist in a society with such a leader enforcing any of the above mentioned pitfalls.

In a trusting society, “leaders” have no more power than any of the other members.  In fact, leaders should really just start calling themselves “suggesters.”  But beware that as soon as you label it – it will run the risk of being misinterpreted and dogmatized.

So don’t label!

Instead, try accepting.  There is no need to blindly accept.  One should accept after reasonable questioning.  But accept we must.  Because if we continue to reject, then we will walk a dark path to destruction.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.  We can change our minds today and move forward into the future with an equal society.  The first change that should happen in your mind is the simple belief that it is all possible.

It is time for us to heal together.  We’ve become too sick of one another and our environment is suffering as we suffer.  A revolution is needed for us to heal.  The sooner the better.

How about a little MJ today?

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