There is only one universe.

Unless you buy into the “multiverse theory,” but I’m holding out for proof on that one.

There being only one universe, it is logical to understand this great unification as applicable to the human species as well.  Why have we insisted in highlighting our differences for so long?  Surely we can make a shift into highlighting our similarities.  Such behavior will help us grow together as a culture rather than having a stake through our center.

There is a quote attributed to the Japanese Buddhist philosopher, Dogen: “Do not follow the ideas of others, but learn to listen to the voice within yourself.  Your body and mind will become clear and you will realize the unity of all things.”

Nearly all religions of our world have an element of unity about them.  Perhaps these religions have been trying to tell us something all this long time.  I would suggest that they have been telling us that there are consequences for ignoring unity.

The main consequence is that of inequality.

How much is the inequality in our world holding us back as a species?

Physicists have been looking for a unified field theory (theory of everything) since the 19th century.  Einstein made the attempt to reconcile his theory of relativity with that of electromagnetism as an experiment to unify the disparagements between the two different fields.   They still haven’t found it.  I’m inclined to believe that it exists but has not been realized yet simply because of the amount of inequality in our world.  Our inequality is a profound limitation on us.

Consider what is going on in Wisconsin right now.  The Republican governor is trying to bust the unions.  The unions are a symbol of our oneness and unity and should be supported with as much effort as we can muster.

So I hope that you’ll muster some effort tomorrow and come join us in the financial district of San Francisco at 4pm – the end time is indefinite – but I promise that I’ll be the first one there and the last one to leave.  Wear green!  Bring your instruments and noise makers and drums and signs and peacefully angry spirits!

Remember that we’re policing ourselves to be peaceful.  We will be focusing on fun rather than destruction.  It is okay for us to be angry – in fact it is practically a requirement.  But we need not dwell on the anger.

Remember what it felt like in San Francisco when the Giants won the world series?  There was an energy within the city and amongst the celebrators.  It was magical.  So let’s make a similar sort of magic happen again tomorrow.

We will initially gather at 4pm at the intersection of Montgomery and Post.  Bring your revolution buddies and wear green!  Hopefully we’ll be joined by any and all St. Patricks day party people!

And keep in mind that this is only the first revolt.  The next revolt will be on April 15th (tax day).  I plan on organizing one per month until we have some meaningful change in this country.  If you would like to help me organize for the next one please email me at:  revoltagainsttherich@gmail.com

Tomorrow, before the revolt, I will be meeting with the local congressional aides of Congresswoman Barbera Lee.  Ms. Lee has a good record of voting for the working class so I’m trusting that we will be allies.  I have also been repeatedly trying to meet Robert Reich with the hope that he might give me some of his perspective.  I stopped by his office again today and left a note with his secretary reminding him of the revolt and encouraging his attendance.  I’m not holding my breath about him though…

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  1. I would like you to consider a more moderate position in regards to the collective bargaining protest events in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Collective Bargaining controversy is a perfect example of how ultra progressive whack a noodle liberal democrats destroy the country.

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