Another Open Letter To President Obama

Dear Mr. President,

It is time for a revolution.  I know that the word “revolution” gets thrown around rather loosely these days.  This is unfortunate because it neuters much of the power in the word.  But I would ask you to consider what a true 2nd American Revolution might look like.

It would have to be non-violent.  In fact, it would have to be a revolution that subverts the culture of violence completely by total global participation.

It would also have to be a revolution that embraces the true values of democracy.  Chiefly:  Equality and Freedom.  1 voice = 1 vote = functional democracy.

America, at present, exists in a dysfunctional democracy.  I will concede that America is not completely DISfunctional yet, but we are quite definitely DYSfunction.  The distinction being as follows:  Disfunctional simply means not functioning.  Dysfunctional means functioning but in a state of disrepair.  Our current infrastructure is a perfect example of a dysfunctional society.

Further indications of dysfunction are the powers of special interest lobbyists in political matters.  We must remove the money from politics.  If one voice truly equals one vote in a society, then you should carefully weigh my words with your values and come to a definite conclusion.

Of course, the people themselves are a greater indicator of the levels of dysfunction.

Trust, for too many people, is something that is completely related to money.  This is a misplaced trust amongst humanity.  We are all complicit.  We have been culturally enabled to get to the point that we are at now.  This culture must be subverted.

We must return to a place of trust that is not hindered by the measures of today’s traditional society.  We must return to a place where the value of human life is greater than the value of money, property and material things.

I believe that you can be a uniter, Mr. President.  If you embrace a populist revolt against corporations, greed, self-interest, corruption, and violence – then you will be embracing a moment in history that has not occurred yet:  Meaningful movement towards World Peace.

Here are three steps we could all take together beginning today:

1.  Reverse the supreme court decision assigning personhood to corporations:—-000-.html

2.  Gather leaders of the world together and begin talk about global eradication of debt.

3.  Take meaningful steps forward to government transparency.  I would propose that one such meaningful step would be a more thorough examination of the events on 9/11.  Independent investigations have already revealed too many dissonances with the official 9/11 commission.

Mr. President, we voted you into office because we believed in change.  You gave us hope that it could really happen.  Simply voting you into office, however, wasn’t enough for the status quo to truly change. It simply had a different complexion.  I beg of you to embrace a populist revolt against the rich mentality, and a revolt against corporate personhood.  This is a revolt for true equality, real freedom, and a sustainable civilization.

Consider my argument for revolution Mr. President.  It is perfectly logical if you truly believe in the goodness of a human being, and the constant potential to morally evolve.


pete feltman

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