I’ve already made the claim on this blog that we are living in crazy times.

You can judge for yourself, but consider how often you hear the word “crazy” or “insane” spoken by random people in one day.  I hear it at least a few times a day on the street.  I believe that the true craziness exists in the misplaced values of our country.  When the value of money, property, and material things is greater than the value human life then there is something deeply wrong going on in the American psyche.

Unfortunately there are people who become so frustrated with the inequality and spinning wheel of the status quo that they snap.

Take this news story for instance:  A man in Corte Madera (just across the bridge from me in Marin) decided that it was a good idea to take a rifle into a Bank Of America and barricade himself inside.  He let the employees and patrons go, and then he displayed signs outlining the crimes that Bank Of America has committed.

Here’s the link to the story:

To a certain degree, his actions are a perfectly legitimate example of civil disobedience.  But the moment he brings a weapon with him is the same moment that I come to the conclusion that he is deranged.

Violence gets us nowhere.  Even the threat of violence gets us nowhere, which is apparently what this guy did.  But I sympathize with him.  The lack of accountability that Bank Of America has is completely unacceptable.  But bringing a gun into the mix doesn’t do anyone any good.

If we are ever to break the cycle of violence we must speak and act with peace and compassion – and it takes a certain amount of crazy to do this.  But it is a “crazy” that values fearlessness and trust.

Further craziness:  One of my roommates was at Walgreens the other day and found a yellow and orange plastic shotgun.  The gun is clearly intended for children, and yet it is the most realistic looking toy gun that I have seen in a while.  It even functions like a real gun.  Here’s a demo:

Now, I had nerf guns and super soakers growing up and they were a fun part of my childhood.  But the thing about nerf guns is that they look like a Star Wars laser blasters or some similar other fantastical thing.  My roommate’s gun looks exactly like a mini orange and yellow shotgun that some fool would bring into a Bank of America.

What sort of message does this send our children, when toy guns become increasingly realistic?  I personally think it would be in all of our best interests if Walgreens would immediately stop selling these “toys.”

Further craziness:  Tonight is the closest that our moon will be to the earth in 18 years.  It will also be full.  Some people are calling it a “supermoon.”  It’s still just the same moon we’ve always known folks. When I was working with the homeless population of San Francisco, we could always plan on something a little screwy happening during a full moon.  But it turns out that science doesn’t have any conclusive evidence as to how the moon really affects us as humans.  The full moon appears to have nothing more than a psychological placebo effect on us. I think this is good news becuase it reinforces the fact that our actions are in our control.  Read more about the “supermoon” here:

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