On Change

Change might simultaneously be the most difficult and most necessary element of life.  The list of cliches and one-liners on the topic is nothing to sneeze at either.  Perhaps my favorite is:  Change is the only constant.

If that statement is true, then why do we fear change so fervently?

Of course, anyone that has gone through change in their life (which is everyone by the sheer virtue of being alive) knows that it can be painful and difficult.  We psychologically have a difficult time letting go of the familiar and safe.  And why wouldn’t we?  Those habits and lifestyles were (or are) familiar and safe!

Indeed, change is required for life to exist.  The seasons change illuminating a cycle of life for us to learn from.  Our bodies change from  birth to death.  Our skin cells and finger nails and hair are constantly dying, shedding off and being regenerated.

So, if nature’s default is a state of change – then why is it so hard for us to change our minds?

If you’re an open-minded individual then it is more likely that you won’t have as much resistance to change compared to an individual that has succumb to their routines and habits.

But what about the rest of us that aren’t quite so open-minded?  Do we need to be dragged, kicking and screaming into a world where money doesn’t exist?  Certainly not, in fact the only meaningful way for this world to be rid of money is for all of us to change our minds.

It’s as simple as saying to yourself:  “Money is bad and harmful thing for myself, my loved ones, and our planet.”

I hope that as you’ve been reading this blog over the weeks and months you’ve understood that I have been developing a significant case against the use of money in our culture.  If we could put money on trial; we would most certainly judge that its destructive power greatly outweighs any of its benefits.

So why have we insisted on keeping it around us?  It poisons our system.  It corrodes the natural trust that we so greatly desire in our communities.  It breeds greed, selfishness and corruption within us.  And we have justified the destruction of our environment in the pursuit of it.

It is time to leave it alone.  For the good of your own soul, forget that the idea of money ever existed.  We don’t need it any longer.

This is change that we can and should believe in.

Of course, it is coming whether you believe in it or not.  For every day that passes and our finite oil supply depletes, the money becomes more and more meaningless.  For every dollar printed by the Fed out of thin air, our hyper-inflation scenario continues to play out.  The banks themselves our vulnerable.  Consider this picture I took today in Jack London Square in Oakland:

A sight for sore eyes.














You might also consider that as our human population continues to grow (exponentially), the rate of change in our culture will continue to accelerate.  You may have noticed it speeding up already.  A good way to measure change right now is by keeping pace with technology.  The advances happening in the fields of robotics, automation, and “the cloud” are absolutely amazing.












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