Moral -> More-real

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time you know that I’ve been advocating a change in human behavior.  This change could very well be defined as a Moral Evolution.

This change happens personally and independently of anyone you know, love, care for, or dislike.  It is a change that first happens in your brain.  And only your brain.

Once your brain changes – you’ll start approaching the world with a sense that it’s not all bullshit.

You’ll start seeing the goodness and creativity that people have to offer instead of seeing their penchant for destruction and lies.

It is true that our history is filled with stories of destruction, power-grabs, and out-right lies.  But when is enough, enough?  Surely we have to draw our line in the sands of history some time?

Is now the moment?

Is now the moment that we begin taking our scientifically proven moral sense more seriously?

The only way for us to truly believe in our morals is to make them more real.

Many people make their morals real everyday, and these people would probably tell you that they have lived a “good life.”  They may even be telling you the truth when they make such statements.

But shouldn’t all humans live the good life?

I think so.

And the only way for the good life to become a reality for all humans is for violence, in-equality, and injustice to be relegated to the annals of history.

And it’s high time we did just that.  So for the sake of future generations of humans – embrace your inner morality and make it an outward manifestation.

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