Bank Of America Fact Sheet

In preparation for the US Uncut protest tomorrow, I’ve prepared a fact sheet concerning Bank Of America.  I’m planning on handing out these facts as flyers tomorrow during the demonstration.  If you’re planning on coming tomorrow – feel free to print more of these out and distribute in order to raise awareness about Bank Of America’s misplaced values.

We’ll gather at the 24th and Mission Bart Station on the street level at 10:30 am.

Bank Of America Fact Sheet   3-26-2011
1.  Bank Of America is not held accountable to the their mortgage customers or regulatory officials (Office Of the Comptroller of the Currency). estors-forclosure.html 

2.  Bank Of America has continued to sell “toxic” mortgages to firms like Fannie and Freddie Mac as well as private investors. mortgage-problems-arent-over/

3.  Bank Of America failed the last “stress test” performed by the Federal Reserve. ?print=1

4.  Bank Of America loses money.  Last year they had a net loss of 1.2 billion dollars. e&ID=1518488&highlight=

5.  Bank Of America paid $0 dollars of income tax for the year of 2010.  They must pay their fair share!                                             .html

6.  Strong evidence that Bank Of America CEO Brian Moynihan has been corrupting Los Angeles court system:  Racketeering.
7.  Consider also this list of complaints numbering in the thousands by Bank Of America patrons

8.  Consider also this website documenting the many problems with Bank Of America.

9.  Bank Of America has systematically suppressed information, no more dramatically than with their refusal to accept online payments in support of Wikileaks.

10.  Stay tuned for a possible (probable?) Wikileaks expose of Bank Of America

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