An Action For Us To Take!

If you are fed up with the misplaced American values, and the distorted social reality that is confronting our society then I would urge you to keep reading!

We have an action that we can all take.  It is a small, meaningful and purposeful goal:  Provide a roof in the nighttime to the homeless population of San Francisco.  I’m suggesting  a building that could accommodate the 6,000 odd homeless people,  555 California Street, that would be the building formerly known as Bank Of America Center.

This building is owned by Vornado Realty Trust based out of NYC and claims to be the second largest Real Estate Firm in America.  They could shelter our homeless population tomorrow if they would make the commonly decent gesture of opening the doors to their building at night.  It isn’t occupied in the night so it is basically a giant waste of space.  There are human beings sleeping on the sidewalk instead of some reasonable dwelling.  It’s true that some of them have chosen this lifestyle voluntarily or involuntarily, regardless of that; their value as a human being should be uplifted above all else.  When one of us suffers, we all suffer.

So, today I went to the 555 California St. building with the hopes of speaking to a building manager about resolving the issue of homelessness.  I would urge you all to email and call the building manager Ms. Rosenblatt and tell her about the proposition before her.  I’ll be trying to get a face to face meeting as soon as possible and will keep you updated.  But until then, I need your help.  Please copy/paste this email and send it to this address:; 

Subject:  Philanthropic Opportunity

Dear 555 California St San Francisco Building Management, 

I’m writing today to invite you into a wonderful philanthropic opportunity.  This is not a financial solicitation, but instead a human rights solicitation.

As you know, perceived image is everything in our society, and the uber-wealthy citizens and corporations in this country are becoming increasingly demonized and ostracized by the liberal left, and unions.  One can only imagine that this atmosphere will continue to grow more toxic until the wealthy begin to act in response.

So what are some meaningful steps that you might take to give you a public image that identifies with the people and not with the rest of the corporations?

Consider the issue of homelessness in San Francisco.  The last serious evaluation of this issue was in 2009 with this report:

This report estimated the number at greater than 6000 homeless individuals in San Francisco.

The space available in 555 California St. would be more than enough to put a roof over all these people’s heads for the night.  Consider the philanthropic claims your company could make:  “We put an end to homelessness in San Francisco.”  They should give you the nobel peace price!

Of course, if you ignore this suggestion or simply dismiss it as unacceptable, the cost to your reputation could be considerable depending on the level of public moral outrage. But if you embrace the suggestion then you are taking significant steps forward to curing our economic crisis which is all about re-establishing trust in our communities.
On April 4th, 2011 a peaceful demonstration is being staged to take place in front of 555 California St by local AFL-CIO unions, and other activist organizations in the bay area. This could very likely be a massive crowd and what better way to show them that you’re not “the bad guy” by making such a significant gesture of housing the homeless population of San Francisco.

This is request number one. I plan on making phone calls to share this opportunity with Vornado Realty Trustees as well.

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