St. Stupid’s Day…otherwise known as Happy April Fools

When I was a kid, my mom played a profound practical joke on me and my sisters on an April 1st.  She removed all the food from the house and told us that we had nothing to eat for breakfast.  My sisters and I were devastated.

April Fools!

She got us good.  And then she went on to lecture us about drought, and food scarcity and how it is often a political manipulation of the masses.

April Fools continues to be one of my favorite “holidays” and I was happy to participate in San Francisco’s celebration with the St. Stupid’s Day Parade. had this to say:

Odd costumes, noise makers, satiric signage on the business of religion and the religion of business are encouraged.

This article gave a pretty good write up – pointing out the mockery of the economic and religious institutions of our country.

Some video of Bishop Joey:  

And here is the official website:


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