No Left, No Right, All We Want Is To Unite!

This is a chant I’ll be trying out at the upcoming April 4th “We Are One” rally in San Francisco.

I’m quite excited about this event since it could be massive.  It is being organized by the AFL-CIO unions which includes pretty much every American worker.  Here is their website:

We’ll be gathering at 4pm on April 4th (need I add that April is the 4th month?) at 555 California St.  That’s the building formerly known as the Bank Of America Center.

Which also happens to be the building that they used in this movie:

Anyway, I hope you’ll come out to this event in a show of solidarity with the people of Wisconsin, and with the teachers who face more pink slips, but also with those of us that are unemployed, underemployed, and with our homeless population of San Francisco.

I’ll be trying to get the title of this blog going as a chant.  I’m also making it a goal to get the people who own 555 California St to open their doors at night to the homeless population of San Francisco.  We could fix that issue tomorrow night if a few rich old men would simply show a gesture of hospitality to our homeless brothers and sisters and open their doors to them.

The owner of the building is Vornado Realty Trust based out of New York City.  They self describe as “one of the largest real estate firms in America.” One can only imagine how many homes they foreclosed on when the housing bubble burst.  Its board of trustees is chaired by a man named Steven Roth.  Hopefully I can get an audience with him.

We can end poverty and economic inequality forever if we can finally unite.  Now, if we can simultaneously agree that money is a bad and harmful thing for our species – then we will be well on our way to a real moral evolution.

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