Nations Of The World: Air Your Shit Out

Don’t you love spring?  It’s fancy and it leads to love or something like that.  It’s also a time for a little thing called Spring Cleaning.  Hopefully good parents are requiring their children to participate in their family’s annual house cleaning.  I began my own cleanup a few days ago and it’s looking like it might last until summer.

A spring clean is great for mental health and it can help you make some sense of your consumerist lifestyle.  For example, how much junk do you have laying around the house that gets minimum use?  Ask yourself the following questions concerning this junk:

1.  Is this object serving any purpose in my life?

2.  Does this object have any emotional resonance to me?

3.  Who do I know that might like this as a gift?

These three questions can help you become much more aware of other waste in your life as well.

Whats more is, I think it’s time to clean house –  Globally.

For this Spring Cleaning to take place we must all participate.  Every Nation of the world should make a list of their offenses against other nations and peoples of the world.  This list must include every exploitation and every instance of greed, and self-interest in this country’s historical memory.   These actions are divisive and harmful to the common dignity of humanity.

For a further spring cleaning, it’s time for us to clean up religion and get the money out of it.  I’m calling on all the religions of the world to make a reunion.  We all come from the same God and we all know it.  Every attempt to claim ownership of a god is idolatry and must be let go.  We all need to share our religions if we are to thrive as a species.  In the short term this can be an inter-faith dialogue, but in the long term it must be reconciliation.

A true moral evolution will put us beyond ideologies and belief systems.  There can be no hierarchy in a morally evolved humanity.  All systems of control or exploitation would cease to exist and the only thing that would remain would be our common, shared trust, and love.

Money cannot provide that trust nor love to us.  Only we can.

As the people of the world, we can start today by refusing to assign any meaning to money or the financial system.  We could collectively start thinking that the only object of value that we can ever truly believe in is that of the value of trust and love shared between humanity.

A shift in values will reorient us to a lifestyle that is sustainable and will lead to world peace.  All we have to do is start cleaning.

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