A Bigger Day Of Action – We Are One!

Today was fantastic.  I woke up and headed for breakfast only to be pleasantly surprised to see a group of teachers and other union organizers protesting the Wells Fargo in downtown Oakland.  There were probably about 45 of them that surrounded the front doors of Wells Fargo.  I heard them talking about going in the bank, but when they tried to do so, the bank locked its doors.

Some people are just way to protective of their money.  We’ve got to address this issue.

Here are some pics of the Oakland protest.

Here’s one of my favorite chants that this group got going:

It just aint funny, and we’re no fools.  Banks took our money!  Now give it to the schools.

Then I went to church to get some work and practicing done there.  I’m learning how to play the drumkit, and this has added a new dynamic to my music practice.  I can also tell you that drumming is great for the soul.  It allows for a lot of vigorous energy to be explored and I really get swept away in it.

Anyway, I needed to stop to conserve some of my energy for the larger protest of the day.

I made my way to 555 California St announcing to the financial district through my megaphone:  “All Worker Solidarity – this way.”  At this particular point in time, there is nothing that I enjoy more than pestering the establishment.

When I got to the building, I went inside to talk to building manager, Linda Rosenblatt.  I noticed that the building crew had a blockade of mops, wet floor signs, and junk blocking only the elevator section.  It looked staged to be honest.

I approached one of the security guards and asked him if I could get on the phone to speak with the building manager.

“What about?” He asked.

“I’ve been trying to get in touch with her by phone and email for the past five days about a philanthropic opportunity for 555 California St. to participate in.”  I replied.

“And what’s the opportunity?”  He asked again.

“It’s not a financial obligation.  Instead its a human rights obligation.  Are you aware that there are approximately 6000 homeless people in San Francisco as we speak?  If the building managers would simply open their doors to shelter the homeless during the night, then they would be taking a great stride forward in re-establishing trust with the workers and union folk gathering outside.”

I then left my name and phone number with him and he assured me that he would pass on the message.

Then I went down into the lower lobby where I discovered this building’s idea of what art is:

I particularly liked this one.  It’s a dog walking the plank.  Corporate art is another symptom of a sick society…

Then I went outside to discover that the masses had amassed!  There were probably about 2500 people that had gathered outside of 555 California St.

And then we marched!

Here’s the Brass Liberation Orchestra.

They will likely be at the next US Uncut event on April 15th.  I hope you’ll come join me for that one which will also take place at 555 California St.

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