Reality Check

So, this isn’t something that I very often ask for  – namely a reality check – and that’s mostly because I believe that we live in a sick society that honors money before the dignity of a human being – which is not a reality that I would like to participate in any longer and thus not the reality check that I’m interested in listening or responding to from someone still stuck in it.  But I’m alive and my life is a gift so there’s no escaping it – only hoping to change it into a reality that I really want to believe in.

Reality checks are also a requirement for transparency to exist in a society.  The Daily Show recently reported on the Obama Administration’s award for transparency.  The joke being that NO reporters were invited to attend and that they gave the award behind closed doors.  Surely our government is not so foolish?  Surely they would do such a thing to prove some sort of point to the American people.  Maybe they were simply being a mirror to our society.  As I’ve said before, Nietzsche claimed that there was no a priori morality;  only mimicry.  So then our government would be mimicking the corporate acts of transparency.

Which, of course, are not very transparent.

True transparency means answering EVERY question honestly.  And being as factual and accurate in your data and presentation as possible.

Here’s some of my transparency:

Yesterday I think I had a case of food poisoning.  This was a bit of a reality check for me since I’ve spent so few days actually sick in my life, that I’ve often thought my immune system was up a couple notches from most of society.  But the Chipotle veggie burrito that I ate  yesterday had me waking at 5am with the shits.  I barely made it back to my bed when I had to turn around to puke.  Sorry for the grossity, but we’ve all had this experience – so get over your sensitivities.

I puked three more times yesterday morning.  And then shit again.  Anyway, you get the idea, I was sick.

But I think I’m over it now, and am simply reflecting on the reality check of it all.  Talk about dehydration.

Also, it got me thinking that I should solicit some reality checks from the readers of this blog.  It looks like I have an average of 20 hits per day lately with some frequent spikes up to 40 and 60.  I’d really like you all to contribute your perspective about the stuff that I’ve been writing.  Put me in my place if you feel that’s necessary.  Call me crazy if that’s easy for you.  Call me a fool, and idiot, a utopianist, and a retard if you want.  But realize that name calling is the last resort of a person who is wrong – before they start throwing punches.

So, by all means – leave a comment.  Am I being helpful?

I feel like most of you are put off by the “revolt against” language simply because it is revolting.  And rightly so – I struggle with whatever I’m calling this thing myself – but I figured it had to be catchy and “whatever the status quo is; is morally corrupt and self-destructive and should be revolted against at all costs” is a bit lengthy…

How often are you solicited by someone for a reality check?  Are you comfortable with sharing your perspective of reality with someone?  It seems that if we are really honest with each other we would discover a plethora of realities amongst us.  Of course, there is the common reality of culture, and that of which the corporate media represents, and then there are our own individual realities.  All of these are different, because all of us are different.  But many of our experiences are similar – shared, common experiences like eating, fucking, and sleeping.

Maybe you’d like to give me a reality check on my choice of profanity?  Does it offend?  Why?  What do you have against certain words?  Do they make you feel something?  Because, to me, they’re all just words.  And I want to use each and every one of them to be able to express how I’m feeling in any particular moment.  That’s the only way for you to understand me.  And it’s also the only way for you to misunderstand me.

So leave me a comment would you?  Show me that you’re interested if you really are – and if you think I’m a quack then tell me to fuck off!  Any response is better than nothing.

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