Have you heard about Michigan yet?  I’ve been following them for a little while now.  Their situation is seemingly worse than Wisconsin’s.  Nevermind that they are neighbors, but I find the fact that the MidWest is taking on the corporations with all their might to be completely inspiring.

In Michigan, right now, there is a bill before their congress that would allow any single corporation to take over a town that is in a “fiscal crisis.”  Click here. Thanks to the Michigan Messenger.  There is no date set for a vote, but I’ll be following closely.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time then you know that I don’t believe in the usefulness, or helpfulness of money.  So to declare that a town is in a fiscal crisis is tantamount to saying that that town has lost all semblance of trust and community.  Which may be the case if the selfishness inherent to consumerist corporate capitalism has disconnected them too greatly.  So the Republicans seem to think that the only way to resolve that situation is to impose a totalitarian or fascist rule of law.  That is exactly what would happen if a corporation were allowed to take over a Michigan town.  And some Michigan citizens would probably not be the wiser.  They would still be encouraged to be consumers.  We must revolt against this consumer impulse!

The fact that the Michigan state government would even consider such an idea as a solution speaks considerably to my claim for a world wide time of values re-examination.  Instead of handing over a city to a corporation; said city should form a committee of community members to determine precisely what it is that that community values.

They can then build their community’s infrastructure around those commonly held community values.

If they determine that they value money, property, and material things over life of any kind, then by all means allow them to live in to those values.  But if they decide that life is more valuable than that other stuff, then they should take a strong stand against the corporations.

Michigan citizens (and all good people) should kick the corporations out of their towns and cities.  An immediate boycott of all malls would be a good start.

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