Unbiased News Organizations

Consider for a moment Fox News.  They have the immediate connotation of being a news source that supports conservative politicians and other “right wing” ideologues.  Now consider National Public Radio.  They have the immediate connotation of being a source that supports “liberal” ideologies.

Neither of these can be called unbiased news organizations.  If we truly desire unbiased reporting in this country then it needs to be coming from a group of reporters that is embracing transparency, and factual, accurate data before they are making any value judgements.

Such a thing can happen in a free press society.  Unfortunately we don’t live in such a place yet.

But thankfully for there are many reporters, journalists, artists, students, and workers that are fed up with the hate speech, bickering divisiveness, and fear mongering that passes for objective journalism these days.  So they are going through their own sort of revolution, though I’m sure none of them are interested in adopting that language yet.

Regardless, there is currently a meeting of these people going on right now until april 10th in Boston it is called:  National Conference on Media Reform.  Learn all about it here:  Click.

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