The Rebranding of Globalization: Solidarity

You’ve got to mobilize to globalize.  And the people with the money were able to mobilize the earliest, and most efficiently for their times.  As our technologies improved and industries grew, these initially wealthy individuals were able to invest their time and resources into broader and more global endeavors.  This process of a shared global marketplace is known as globalization.  It is the beast that capitalism gave birth to and let lose first upon America and then upon the rest of the world.

If we don’t kill the beast – it will eat us all alive.

So how do we kill something that is the goal and aspiration of countless people?

How do we shift our mentality away from a system that is so completely self-destructive?  It’s easy – we simply start doing it.  You begin with your personal actions in your own personal transition moment and continue on fostering good behaviors throughout the rest of your life.  It’s really that easy.  And fun.

But first you have to destroy a certain mentality that seems to exist within most of us Americans:  Namely, the rich mentality.  It is this mentality that have made too many of us severely self-centered, greedy, and simply un-trustworthy.

Trust can always be re-established.   But the necessary actions need to be made.

I propose that one way for us to all begin rebuilding trust is to rebrand globalization.  Instead of making it about a global marketplace – let’s make it about global solidarity.

We can all agree to look beyond our personal financial interests and simply take care of one another.  The money only gets in our way.

This is a video made by workers in Indonesia.  They have been systematically mistreated by their corporate employers who demand and subsidize only a few products like  palm oil and rubber.  Their eco system is collapsing due to their consolidation of planting.  A healthy eco-system needs diversity for it to thrive.  And we need to be in solidarity with our Indonesian brothers and sisters.  But to be American means that we must be in action against the oppressive corporations for that solidarity to mean anything.

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