Quitting My School Addiction

People say they go to the school of “hard knocks.”

I don’t know that school.  My life has been comparatively very privileged.  I’ve always had a family that has loved me and a job or activity to keep me busy and happy.  Maybe a little too busy, and happy…

I’ve been a student for 20 years of my life now.  I love school, and I believe that education should be the first thing that our country focuses on when we truly begin rebuilding our infrastructure.  But I think school might have played itself out for me.

During my second year of seminary, I decided to remove myself from the ordination track.  This is the path that the Presbyterian denomination funnels one down if they want to serve a church as pastor.  I was essentially not interested in serving a church in a parish/preaching/pastoral care sense.  I’ve always loved the music of the church, so I figured I could remain involved in meaningful community by singing songs that I believe in with people who believe them with me.

I didn’t need a piece of paper to serve a church as a musician.

Ever since that initial decision, I’ve often questioned why it is that I remain in school.  The answers that I’ve come up with are:  I like school.  And I always like to finish what I start.  But then I also considered that school was just another addiction that I have.

As I’ve started this revolt, I’ve quickly realized just how addicted I am to energy, consumption, and a host of other stuff.  School could be another one of these addictions that my culture enables.

School has definitely been the biggest source of my personal debt so far in my life.

Quite frankly; I’m pretty sick of school.  I feel like it is a giant time suck.  What’s more, my colleagues and friends from school failed to show up for the first revolt.  So in that sense, how much can I really learn from them?

I realize that this a fairly arrogant claim to make.  But there’s a certain point where it seems like people in a seminary would want to take a stand for something that they’ve always believed to be true:  An Equal Civilization.  And yet my seminary folk didn’t come.  It made me feel unsupported and ignored.

So I’m seriously considering quitting my school addiction.

It would be a huge amount of stress relieved from my life.  It would free me up to focus on the music and the revolution.  It would free me up to start getting involved with some gardens… big time.

It just seems like it is the most moral thing I can do with my life at this point.

But my sense of commitment (I would even say obligation) compels me to finish my papers and put in the least amount of effort in my remaining few weeks of school.  So, I’ll be 100% half-assing the remainder of my schooling.  Of course, the school can always fail me if they choose.  They already threatened to take a way my financial aid.  So I guess it’s good that I no longer believe in money.

Since I’ll be taking my few school days quasi-seriously, I’m going to be put a little hold on my blogging activity.  I’ll start up again after “graduation” unless there is something particularly important I feel I need to share.  Until then…

This dude just graduated to hall of fame status: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/alice-cooper-rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame-inductee-was-elated-when-he-got-the-news-20101214

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