How Jon Stewart Perpetuates the War on Terror

Big news on April 30th.  I figured a blog would be appropriate.

Let’s be clear from the beginning:  The war on terror is not a war on Middle Easterners or North Koreans.  It’s not even a war on violent Americans like McVeigh or Kaczynski.  The war on terror is a psychological war on the whole of humanity.  The corporate government and the corporate media’s complicity (there is no such thing as objectivity in this complex) has cleverly convinced most American people that our war on terror will make us feel protected and secure.  But in reality, the war on terror does nothing but oppress us.  It impedes our individual aspirations and crushes our national psyche.

Now, with the most recent episode in “the war on terror,” we are seeing how our vision is intentionally limited by the so called free press.

It is time that we began to call out the elephant in the room.  Namely:  The Television or Computer Screen.  The programs and “reporting” by the media are nothing more than propaganda for the American Empire.  We need to be conscious of this and appropriately critical.

Jon Stewart is perhaps an example that we should consider.  I have found him to be consistently funny over the years, and always topical.  But with his most recent treatment of Osama Bin Laden’s death; I have to draw a line of demarcation.  His willingness to play in to to the celebration of murder was unnecessary and not helpful.  It should have been an opportunity for him to speak some truth to the situation and raise some serious questions about the events of 9/11.

On the other hand, Stewart is a New Yorker and he willingly admits that he is way too close to the situation to be reasonable or rational.  Humorists are funny that way.

But I  would like to hold him to a higher standard of humor.  There is a standard at which the only jokes that become funny are those that transform reality.  Comedians like Lenny Bruce or George Carlin or Dave Chapelle had a certain ability to see through the cultural and ideological bullshit that so many people insist on clinging to.  I’d like to hold Stewart to this standard.

And to be fair, Stewart might like to hold himself to that standard as well, but his corporate network, Comedy Central, would likely censor any 9/11 truth discussion.–howard

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