A Request

President Obama,

I am requesting that your Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner immediately resign and be replaced with someone with a sense of economic justice.  Perhaps Brooksley Bjorn?

I suggest to you Mr. President, that a government agency should be in place to regulate a private sector – not deregulate it.  The revolving door between Wall Street and Washington must be checked.  The individuals that have served in our government agencies in the last 30 years as financial secretaries have not had the best interest of humanity in mind.

Firing Geithner would be a gesture of good faith to the people of America – “main street.”  As if Geithner’s role in the bank bailout isn’t already suspect enough, he also avoided paying $35,000 in his own taxes.  Click here.

It’s not too late though.  You, Mr. President, can fire Tim Geithner today and begin healing this country of ours by restoring trust between the very rich and very poor.


pete feltman

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