Banking Gone Bonkers

Have you ever noticed how quickly people will become crazy when their income flow starts to drizzle?

Bankers are the worst about this.  Consider this video from a stressed out resident of Arizona.

Now, assuming that this young man’s words are true, then we must stop and consider just how much a bank has our best interests in mind.  Of course, in our dominant values this sort of banking behavior is considered normal and even necessary, because the first rule of capitalism and our financial system as a whole is “Look out for Number One.”  And while this might be our current cultural norm, I personally feel like it is nothing short of crazy.

The only interest that a bank has for you is the interest rate on your credit card, mortgage, car loan, etc.

I believe that we have outlived the usefulness of money as a human race.   The only logical thing to do next is to withdraw all of our money from the bank and (if you desire) burn it.  The replacement for money is simple:  An Economy of Trust, Based on a Currency of Language.

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