Anonymous’ Call to Dismantle Cyber Barriers

Anonymous is that so-called organization of hackers and freedom of information activists that have performed a number of collective acts of internet freedom.  Someone (are they even part of Anonymous?) recently issued a “call to arms” directed at the group known as anonymous.  Here is the video:

Does this inspire you?  I’m excited about the possibilities.  If people of Anonymous decide to take it seriously then its a total game changer for what I’m trying to do with this revolt against the rich.  I’m personally in complete support of what Anonymous has done thus far.  The troubling thing is that the organization is anonymous.

For all we know this de-centralized collective could be the product of a super computer that someone has invented.  Or it could be a corporate disinformation campaign.  Or why stop there? – it might even be the aliens encouraging us to peaceful revolution.

We can believe whatever we want about Anonymous until they make themselves known, but until then we are required to have an element of faith about their actions.

Of course, if transparency were a common value in our culture, then the existence of a group like Anonymous would be pointless. My speculation is that they are choosing to remain anonymous for safety reasons since their actions are perceived as threatening to the status quo.  And for that matter, their opaque behavior is no different then the level of opacity that comes out of corporate and government offices.

However, if transparency is truly something that people want in their lives, then we must simply start being transparent.  That is what I’m choosing to do with this blog and with my life.  The cliche “my life is an open book” should apply to all of us.  Transparency is quite possibly the foundation of trust.

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