i broke myself

on wednesday night i was out in my neighborhood hanging out with some friends and roommates.

they were all spraypainting but i was just along for the entertainment.  little did i know that i would become the entertainment foe them….  in my neighborhood there are these magnificent metal tubes that are 8 feet tall and about 50 feet long. i love these tubes because i can use them like a giant metal didgeridoo.  there is a sweet spot in the middle of them and when i sing, i can hear all sorts of overtones and harmonics.   and because i continue to refuse to act my age when it comes to climbing on top of stuff – i decided to climb on top of them.  the view was nice but with the trip down i hurt myself.  i tried to break my fall with my right arm and i must be heavier than i used to be because my elbow popped right out of my socket!
my friends called me an ambulance so i have now had my first ambulance ride with complimentary morphine trip.  they took me to alta bates summit hospital.  i laid in a hospital bed from 7:30 to 11:45 and wondered what my life was coming to.   eventually i got my xrays and the doctor gave me the anaesthetic that michael jackson overdosed on when he died (i cant remember what the doctor called it) but it knocked me right out.  i woke up with my arm in a splint and a sling.  the doctor said that i should schedule a surgery to take care of the broken chunk of radial.  he said that i shouldnt use my right arm for six weeks.  and since i didnt have my insurance card with me – he sent me on my way with a prescription for percoset.
i just got back from a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon.  he’s going to fix my broken radial and make sure all the tendons and ligaments are in the right place and healing.
as a musician, to lose my right arm is pretty much my nightmare scenario.  but i will be using this recovery time to focus on my left hand chops and hopefully by the time i’m all recovered i’ll be able to fly over the piano keys and guitar fretboard.
heres my x ray – gnarly


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