Against Capitalism

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, then you already know where I stand in relation to the system of capitalism:  I think its the devil.  Pure, un-regulated capitalism in its current form is ultimately self-destructive.  Willingly participating in it will soon be considered an act of lunacy.

Those of us that are actively resisting the powers of capitalism find a lot of strength and reassurance that we are not alone.  If you are frustrated with the levels of inequality and oppression and violence in the world then hopefully you are also finding the courage to act.

Here is a little website that seems as though it is intending to be a gateway away capitalism.   If you follow some of its links you might find yourself inspired to think of alternatives to capitalism.  This site’s main suggestion for a replacement is that of altruism.  I have zero problems with that suggestion – it is certainly less crazy-making at least.

But you can begin to protect your sanity today by refusing to participate in the system any longer.  There are already numerous alternative lifestyles in existence – it is just a question of finding a community which most resembles your values.

Over the next few months I’ll be documenting many of these communities – though some can’t be found online (a deliberate move on their part).

Another example of the rich history of resisting capitalism:

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