The Mutualist

I was surfing the web a while back when I stumbled onto this guy, Kevin Carson’s blog called “the mutualist.”  Click here to get there.

I found myself pleasantly surprised when I discovered this blog.  Our idea’s are often quite similar.  Chief among them is the necessity of the dissolution of our capitalist economic system.  He thinks that the state lacks any legitimacy to rule – a perspective I also share.  And he also believes that a “stigmergic revolution” is coming in the near future.  This is obviously something that I’ve been directly advocating fo the las few months.

A brief definition of stigmergy is in order.  It’s a rather clunky word and I think it matters what we call these things so it may need another name but the idea was originally “coined by biologist Pierre-Paul Grasse in the 1950s to describe the process by which termites coordinated their activity. Social insects like termites and ants coordinate their efforts through the independent responses of individuals to environmental triggers like chemical markers, without any need for a central coordinating authority.

Applied by way of analogy to human society, stigmergy refers primarily to the kinds of networked organization associated with wikis, group blogs, and “leaderless” organizations configured along the lines of networked cells.” cite                                                                                                               That comes from Carson’s work in progress called Open Source Government.  Might I add that the only way we’ll ever have true government transparency is if our global political economy agrees that free open source civilization is the only way to guarantee individual autonomy and equality.  This is, of course, a civilization which cannot afford to have money polluting it.


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