One of the claims made by homo-phobes about homosexuality is that it is “un-natural.”  This argument makes sense if you understand “natural” as the purpose of sex to make another human, thus naturally perpetuating the species.

I would like to consider another element of the natural:  Population growth and stagnation.  All animal societies (humans included) have a tipping point when the population of the species becomes too large and thus beyond the environment’s ability to sustain it.  Nature imposes certain checks and balances on a species that grows beyond its means.  What might these checks and balances be for humans?

What about homo-sexuality?

Is it quite possible that being queer and choosing not too breed is the most moral act a person can do in an over-grown population?

So, you can see that there is both natural sex – and unnatural sex.  Natural sex is that physical act of love that happens when two or more consenting adults get together and make some whoopie.  Unnatural sex is that which only occurs with the intention to procreate.  And how many kids do you really need anyway?  Some people have way too many kids.  1 or 2 ought to do.

While we’re on the topic of sex, my some-day-to-be ex-wife sent me an email about this book called Sex At Dawn – it’s about poly-amory in pre-industrial cultures.  Even though we were totally wrong for each other she still has moments where she can inspire me and make me aspire to be a better person.

I’ve always kind of liked the poly-amory thing.  Monkey’s do it… and surely we’re not so distanced that we can share the same values of communal love that monkeys do.  I’m just sayin.  And here’s a song by one of the bands that I play in.  I had almost forgotten about the cops showing up at this house party.

Happy American Empire Weekend…

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  1. Believing in Jesus is the only way is believing in all Bible words Bless you in Jesu name!!!

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