Stephen Colbert and My Last Patriotic Weekend

Let me state a few facts and intuitions that I have.

America has become a world empire while at the same time persists to live in an unsustainable manner.  Which means that we will either crumble from the internal resistance from within (not to mention a crumbling infrastructure) or be crumbled by our many foreign enemies.  Who knows when or if this will happen, but history tells us that no empire lasts.  And with our amazing technology making borders and state lines irrelevant, the swiftness of this event feels unavoidable and monumental.

And so when the only logical thing to do is to morally evolve out of all the old institutional powers and structures, I find myself confronted with a culture that is completely skewed from much of the moral logic that seems perfectly natural to me.

I previously believed that there was a great value to clinging to the idea of God.  I saw that power of God completely usurped by the money interest.  And so my hatred of capitalism’s values began to creep in.  I resisted them as much as possible but money ultimately seemed like a necessary evil to live.  Never believing in the value of money gave me a somewhat detached perspective from that of my peers.  And so I felt drawn to music to distract me from the money interest.

Since music has a reputation to not pay the bills, I quickly saw the necessity of being able to play whenever, wherever.  And so it became my American dream to make music my livelihood.  I’m living that dream still today and have managed to survive at relatively privileged levels thanks to a set of parents that have more of a money interest than myself.

But I’ve begun to believe that the American dream is a fool’s errand intended to keep the American population distracted from the mass injustices we’ve been perpetuating on ourselves and the rest of the world.  And so I’ve felt the need to revolt.  And I get the feeling that I’m not the only one since the good people of Madison WI began taking to the streets at the same time as the Middle East began to democratically and often violently rise up.

And now Stephen Colbert is throwing his hat into the pile of presidential candidates.  The question for me then becomes:  Where does Stephen stand in relation to the money interest?  Taking him at the face value of his television persona it is clear that he embraces the money interest whole heartedly – which is, of course, a necessity since he’s interested in the presidency…

According to his shiny brand new Political Action Committee – he is still a believer in the American Dream.  Parsing out the persona of Stephen Colbert from the really fucking smart satirist Stephen Colbert shouldn’t be very difficult for most of our public.

“A few months ago I looked up and saw our country at a crossroads. Down one road lay moral and financial ruin. Down another road lay the fulfillment of the American dream. Down a third lay Cincinnati. There was another one, but I think it was some sort of service road, it had a big locked gate on it. The point is: We must steer America down the right road (the second one). 

Of course, I cannot do this alone. Actually, I probably could, but it would seem a little flashy. By signing up at Colbert Super PAC, you’ve shown you have just what it takes to make a difference – an email address and a willingness to receive lots of spam. 

In the coming months Colbert Super PAC will shape the political debate by forcing candidates to focus on issues that matter to you – probably by attaching those issues to something shiny and dangling near the candidates’ face. We’ll produce and air ads in support of key players in important races, whether they want us to or not. And we’ll do all this while enjoying the tax-free status afforded to us by the federal government.”

I’ll be paying close attention to Stephen as his political action begins to move forward.  Chuckling and guffawing all the way.  He hasn’t committed to actually running for president yet, but is it only a matter of timing?

Is Stephen even “presidential?”  Whatever that means?  He’s clearly as goofy as George W Bush and most definitely more intelligent.  And I would guess that he has more moral fiber than Bill Clinton.  For as frustrating as Barack Obama has been, I’m not sure that he’ll be able to get a second term.  Any of the Republican vote will surely be coming from people who are still trying to live in the days of DD Eisenhower, which leaves Stephen Colbert as a refreshing potential third choice for younger people.


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