Change In Terms

This post is about credit cards.  I got my first credit card when I was in college and was told to pay off the balance every month so I would retain “good credit.”  If I failed to keep up my payments, then I would get charged “interest” by the credit issuer as a nuisance charge and I would be liable to wind up with “bad credit.”

The best part of a credit card is that you don’t have to touch any of that filthy money…cause getting your hands dirty was “bad” too.

In the ten years that I’ve had a credit card, I’ve only seen my interest rates go up.  Of course when you spend a lot on the credit card, then the bank will take more interest in you and so they’ll provide you with “cash back bonuses.”  I think this is trickle down economics at work, where I spend $1000 and get one dollar back.

Anyway, here is a website that is as frustrated with the credit card companies as I am.  Click here to see Change In Terms.  The writer of this website says that he’s taking the fight to the banks, so more power to him.

The site provides a number of helpful non-violent suggestions for us all to do.  It’s more than just writing your congress person.  The writer also spends a little time talking about transparency which is good.  There are also a number of rants by upset credit card holders to provide some broader perspective.

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