Antiquated Hierarchy and America’s Debt Ceiling

This may seem like an obvious post, but it remains necessary for as long as we have hierarchical structures of power instituted in our societies.

It is a logical fallacy to believe that an individual can be free while living amidst prevailing hierarchies.  Only in a society of equals can freedom be a reality.

Humans have lived with hierarchies for pretty much all of recorded history.  How much longer can we keep up this insanity?  To live as equals allows for everyone to feel respected and loved, and be fully conscious of their purpose in society.

The constructs of our political economy, and religious institutions are still the greatest hindrance to equality and the desperate attempts to maintain power are becoming more and more drastic.

And now the debt ceiling for America is hitting its largest fear factor since our economic crisis has begun.  The media fuels this fear so the only thing that concerned citizens can do is not be afraid.  And yet still remain concerned.  Early August is supposedly the deadline for us to either raise our debt ceiling or default as a country.

My vote is for default.  I believe that America is already morally bankrupt and so we might as well acknowledge our financial insolvency as well.

A bankrupt America would provide an opportunity for a Jubilee year to occur.  But before that happens there should be a collective lament.

Our elder patriots should begin this lament process and we should all take them seriously.

After a time of collective lament, our “leaders” should declare a Jubilee year in which ALL national and personal debt around the globe is cancelled and forgiven.

Then it will be time for the next generation to help us morally evolve and systematically dismantle all hierarchical structures and power systems.  Then we can move onto an Economy of Trust based on a Currency of Language.

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