Sunny Sheu

I recently stumbled upon this story from the Queens neighborhood in New York.  Here are a few of links for your own investigation:

Here is the story as I understand it so far.  In 2001, Sunny Sheu became the victim of a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure case.  Sheu’s house had gone up for sale without his knowledge and one day a banker knocked on his door to inspect the house for the “new owner.”  Sheu was shocked and began contacting the authorities – and quickly the fraud was exposed and sent to jail.  But instead of the problem being solved for Sheu, it only got worse.  The bank that originally held the mortgage (Centex Home Equity) proceeded to foreclose on Sheu, acting as if the fraudulent sale had been true.

Enter New York state Supreme Court justice Joseph Golia – who quickly ruled on the side of Centex Home Equity in direct contradiction to the facts that Sheu previously presented.

Since that time, Sheu has appealed the decision over and over again, sapping him of his remaining resources.  Sheu eventually began to represent himself in court.

In the meantime Sheu also began investigating judge Golia and especially his own real estate holdings.  Here is what he found according to Black Star News:

According to Sheu, he discovered major discrepancies between Golia’s actual properties and the ones declared on his financial disclosure forms, including a million dollar beach house on Breezy Point on Long Island, which was described in a local magazine as belonging to the judge, and which is publicly listed as being owned by the Golia family.

On November 29, 2009, Sheu alerted Janice Howard, the director of the OCA Ethics Department, of these apparent discrepancies.

Sheu’s complaint included the following allegations, that Judge Golia:

..Failed to disclose fully his liabilities for 2002/2003/2004/2005/2006/2008, in that he:
– failed to disclose a mortgage held by HSBC under his wife “Roslaie Grecco” against the property
– failed to disclose a mortgage held by HSBC of “Joseph Golia and Rosalie Golia
– failed to disclose “Rosalie Grecco” employment/ income/ property
– failed to disclose “Hampton West” beach House (Breezy Point)
– interest conflict, own Flushing Bank stock (Flushing Financial Corp) and using connections” to get $750,000.000 in lower rate and mortgage more than the property market value, as NYC Dept. of Finance record, 2007 property market about $220,000.00…

After this, Sheu thought that he had enough evidence against judge Golia that he might be able to get him thrown in jail.

A couple of weeks later Sunny Sheu was found dead.

The police reports are saying that it was an aneurism but all of Sheu’s friends and associates suspect that he was murdered.

If you’re as outraged by this story as I am, then I would encourage you to email judge Golia.
Demand that he make a public statement about Sunny Sheu.  You can also contact your local news outlets to continue to follow up on this story.

Truth will out.

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