Terror Corrodes

Let me state a belief I hold to justify this blog about terror:  My belief is that the human species is one collective organism with amazing and beautiful diversity throughout the world.  When one of us suffers, all of us suffer.

Now there are those amongst us that feel the need to utilize fear as a tool of control for the masses.  But I think that more and more people are waking up to the fact that the war on terror is a waste of resources and also an extremely dirty trick played on the American people in order to feed our oil addiction.

The only way to confront terror is to simply not be afraid.

Personally, I have a lot of anxiety and excitement about the near future which we seem to be shifting into.  But this is not fear…and we can always debate semantics.  There seems to be no shortage of stuff to be afraid of in the past six months:  Nuclear disasters in Japan.  Shootings in Arizona.  Massacre in Norway.  Economic crisis.  Peak oil.  Climate change… OH MY.

It’s no wonder that people are starting to freak out, but the thing that I keep telling people is that we need to be the ones that don’t freak out.  There are 7 billion people in our human race.  Is it okay for a few of them to go completely crazy and start killing people every once in a while?  Maybe.  Because it might just be enough of a shock to our system to wake up those of us that are asleep to the problems of the day and the prolific injustice and corruption.

We shouldn’t ignore theses acts of insanity and violence.  Instead we should simply expect more from one another.  A moral evolution needs to occur.  We need to evolve out of the need for our religions, our governments, our economy, and our violence.  Imagine what we could accomplish if we dedicated our collective intelligence and energy to a task.  We would reach the stars.

Consider our nation’s infrastructure.  It is crumbling beneath our feet and in desperate need of a sustainability overhaul.  But what’s more disturbing is that our “infrastructure” of trust has been corroded by fear and individualization.  It’s my opinion that our trust has been replaced with a sick dependence on money.

Consider the war on terror.  There is a lot of self-awareness that goes with our language use.  So when the American government declared “war on terror” it became a direct indication of our country’s willingness to delve into fear.  The war on terror is a reflection of us as a nation.  The only “terrorists” on this planet are the Americans.  And we’ve been told to be so afraid of the arab muslims that we have completely neglected the problems in our own country.

I’m begging to any of you that read this:  Don’t cave to fear.  The best way to not be afraid is to be in a community of people you trust and love.  And for that extra “life insurance” – you should start planting fruits and vegetables wherever you can to start becoming more self-sufficient.  And get on those solar panels already…

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