The World Is For Sharing

Occasionally I find myself increasingly disillusioned about the probability of an actual “revolt against the rich.”  But that’s fine because it was pretty much the craziest idea I’ve ever had.  And in a culture where crazy is looked upon with blissful ignorance, I didn’t really think that there was much to lose in letting mine out.  But a revolt against the rich has already become old for me.

Now I’m all about a Jubilee Year.

I was rooting for the debt ceiling mess to end in an American default, but that didn’t happen so now we simply have more debt.  Which is why we need a Jubilee Year.

And now the news today says that the stock market is going down fast.  We’ll see what happens when it bottoms out and our recession is a double dip of reality which will get labeled a “depression” sooner than later.  Which is why we need a Jubilee Year.

If you are a Christian, Muslim, or Jew reading this – I beg of you to start talking about the necessity of a Jubilee Year with your friends and loved ones.  Begin praying for it at your mass, or service, or worship, or sabbath, or mosque, or prayer or whatever you call it.  Our financial crisis is not a crisis of numbers, it is a crisis of faith.  And it is people of faith that must fix this mess.

But what can we have faith in?  Our religions are almost entirely complicit in the global mess of reality.  Governments don’t deserve anyone’s faith.  What possible system allows for people to live and let live, while simultaneously guaranteeing Real Freedom?

The system that I propose is not anarchy, and yet it depends upon de-centralized unity.  Anarchism as a label which already has too many negative connotations.  And so de-centralized unitarian is nice until somebody comes up with something better.  This is open source revolution people!  Get involved!

This system requires equality which means there can be no use of numbers nor money for allocating interest, resources, power or energy.  We count to see how much we have, not to claim rights to a number to divide amongst ourselves.  Equality means everyone is given the same chance to pursue their goals.  The education system and dis-interested parents must improve with their development of our children.  The meat of our education should be on health, compassion, tolerance, arts, athletics, and sciences with a special focus on the appreciation of our natural world.

This system depends upon the internet to ensure transparency.  The internet also allows for us to cast votes as one common human collective organism.  One voice equals one vote on the internet.  Through its proper use, we are able to determine the direction of our civilization.

This system would make us hyper local as far as our food production is concerned.  All community members should be required to participate in food production somehow.  I already see this happening more every day, but more Americans must make it a priority.  It will be good to get your hands in the dirt again.

This system would not have concepts of “ownership,” instead requiring universal sharing.  This would almost completely eradicate crime.

There would still be the crime of violence upon another human, but that requires a moral evolution for the population of the world to undergo.  Many people have already had the moral evolution experience, but many more have not.

Finally, this system would require an economy of trust, based on a currency of language.

I’m describing a sustainable system which if properly applied would insure global abundance, and world peace.

We can all begin using our collective resources to make our civilization sustainable while we can hopefully weather the effects of global warming.  And of course, if global warming gets too out of hand, then space exploration is an increasingly needed endeavor.

I’m begging to the rest of you my fellow humans, turn over a new leaf.  Let the junk in your life go and get healthy.  The sooner we can do this as individuals, the sooner our culture will change for the better.

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