The “debt problem”

I’ve had a lot of stuff on my mind lately so I figured it was time for another blog.  Quick recap of recent world events that speak to the necessity of a Jubilee Year:  Prolonged economic crisis, “Arab Spring,” Nuclear and tsunami catastrophe in Japan, insane Norwegian, and my own broken arm/spirit since I believe that mind, body and spirit are one.

Should we even be reading the news anymore?  Will there ever be some good news?

I did see some “good news” today with this article:

Warren Buffet is telling the government to “tax him and his rich friends.”  This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of a few of our mega-wealthy people encouraging the government to tax them, but when it comes from Buffet it suggests that a little more momentum has gathered in begining to heal this economic crisis.

But even if the government taxes Buffet and all the rest of the rich people, and is then somehow able to salvage credibility with the American public – which still seems like a long shot – even if the unthinkable happens and the US Government suddenly stops all the wars and begins to reinvest in our infrastructure – even if every American citizen was issued a 10,000 dollar check.  All of this would simply be blood money.  We would be bought off and any moral integrity that America might claim will be completely eroded.

I’m resisting that possible scenario with all of my energy.  And I’m proposing an alternative scenario instead.  Here it is:  We, as global population of humans, call for  Jubilee year in which all debts are forgiven/canceled and then we make the collective decision to abolish the idea of “money” from the planet.  We can then live in freedom and begin to rebuild a deep and meaningful trust in our communities.

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