Fear, Security, and Human Nature

Whenever I’m out on the street talking to people, or in coffee shops, or in bars, or online, or pretty much anywhere that I’m engaging people in conversation I often get the same argument when I make suggestions that humanity has outgrown its need for money, police, government, militaries, and any other hierarchical system of control – the response is that my ideas won’t work because of human nature.

Historically my critics are right.  “Human nature” has repeatedly proved itself as base and evil and incapable of tolerance, compassion and sharing on a global scale.

But does anyone else look at our history and see the necessity of really learning from it?

Many people seem to believe that social progress is a good thing and ultimately inevitable.  If this is true then why do I see so much regressive policy making on the part of our “leaders.”  The insistence of keeping “business as usual” running smoothly is wide spread and pervasive.  And yet it becomes more painfully obvious each day that “business as usual” will drive our morals completely from our consciousness.  Put in other words:  Our system of capitalism will eat us alive and leave our planet a barren rock devoid of life.

That’s the fear that I have.  I’m afraid that people will blindly continue their habits of consumption and so continue the perpetuation of an oppressive system for the masses.  But the government and our “leaders” say that we should be more afraid of Muslim extremists than we should be of a rising global temperature, drought, massive species extinction and the ongoing destruction of our environment.  Does this seem completely backwards to anyone else?

So instead of meaningfully changing, our government provides a sense of false security throughout America.  There is no such thing as “security.”  A bus could run you over tomorrow and then you’ll know the everlasting security of death.  But until then, why does humanity insist on trying to feel “secure” with their lives?  Is this just more human nature?

Don’t get me wrong, I like the safe, comfy feeling of being at home with people I care about – but to expect constant security is simply unreasonable.

The recent BART protests in San Francisco are making a beautiful observation:  The police are more of a hindrance to public security than a help.  The abuses of power must stop.

So my case for a moral evolution continues.  Fear and security go hand in hand and they have been defining characteristics of human nature for all of recorded history.  But if we are able to morally evolve together, then we will all collectively realize the pointlessness of security in the face of fear.  The only solution to fear is to simply not be afraid.  And if you treat people with the same decency, respect and love that you yourself wish to be treated with – then that is enough security in and of itself.

I still believe that human nature has an amazing potential to do good in this world.  And if you agree with me, then it is up to people like you and me to prove our beliefs are valid.  There is no time frame for this attempt at a proof.  It is a daily struggle made all the more easier with music.

How about a little MJ?

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