Economic Justice?

It bears repeating:  Our economic crisis is not a crisis of numbers/finances/money, it is a crisis of trust.  Which also makes it a crisis of conscience.  In short, America’s economic malady is just another symptom of a complete moral breakdown in society.

We’re already seeing the consequences of raising children amidst hyper-capitalism with the recent London riots.  The riots could very well be considered a form of justice if you think that economic sensitivities should translate to destruction of property.

America has a series of other problems to deal with apart from economic justice, but I believe that we can nip our nation’s inequalities and growing wealth gap in the bud by simply refusing to believe in money any longer.  This is what a moral evolution would look like.  It would also be a step in the right direction for economic justice.

But until that idea catches on, it is refreshing to see the government taking steps towards punishing the banks.  This article says there is a lawsuit in the works concerning all the “toxic” mortgages that the banks were peddling around during the housing bubble.

If the government is smart, then it will win the lawsuit and reclaim “billions” of dollars from those predatory lenders and use that money to immediately begin sheltering each homeless person in America.  Too many people were evicted during the crash and we must start putting the dignity of the individual before we consider the number of dollars at stake.

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